Bathroom Accent Wall: Custom waterjet mosaic.

At Renaissance Tile & Bath we always strive to provide our customers with an “exceptional experience”; a service approach that has its foundation rooted in knowledgeable and dedicated staff, with the ability to expertly guide the customer through a carefully curated product selection of luxurious tile, stone and bath fixtures.

Working with Atlanta-based interior designer Mary McWilliams of Mary Mac & Company, was no exception when she got the approval to move forward on the Hagwood residence in Birmingham. In her own words: “Calling Charlene, at Renaissance Tile & Bath, was one of my first thoughts when I got the go ahead on this fabulous project. We have worked together for years. She knows that I love every detail that goes into the layers of an exquisite kitchen and bath.  I love walking the showroom and pulling favorite boards to then watch how Charlene helps pull all the perfect components together to make my vision a reality. There is no other showroom where I would think of going!  Charlene is the crowning glory to every tile selection…always has been…always will be!!!  She also goes the extra mile(s) each time we are pressured on a delivery or need to make a quick correction!!  The best product—the best customer service = Renaissance ❤️
Naturally the project turned out to be spectacular and we are ecstatic to have been part of it. Take a look at some of our products featured in the Hagwood residence and many thanks to Clint Lovette at Lovette Construction and Mary Mac and Company for providing us with these photos.
For more details about the products you see here, please contact one of the Renaissance Tile & Bath Showroom locations near you for more information.


Kitchen Backsplash: Custom waterjet mosaic.


Bathroom Shower Wall: Nest Picket in Shade color.
Bathroom Shower Floor: 1-inch hexagon mosaic marble.


Bathroom Shower Wall: Nest Paddle in Dapple color.


Bathroom Shower Walls (top two photos): Waterjet Marble pattern (wall 1), 12″x24″ Marble.
Bathroom Shower Floor: Mosaic Marble


Bar: Mirror Custom pattern

Photos courtesy of Lovette Construction and Mary Mac & Company