April 24, 2017

On April 23, 2017 the Atlanta Renaissance Tile and Bath showroom hosted a book signing by architect Bill Harrison celebrating Harrison Design’s 25th anniversary. The event started at 12:00 pm and had a fantastic turnout of designers and vendors, including our very own David O’Neil, president of Renaissance Tile & Bath.


“Harrison Design 25” is a showcase of the firm’s finest work and narrates the history of the firm’s leadership while honoring the personality and vision of founder William H. Harrison.

“Over the past 25 years, Harrison Design’s broad range of architectural and design work has elevated the practice and appreciation of classicism not only in the South, but across the United States. Harrison Design 25 beautifully illustrates the timeless and enduring places William Harrison and his talented team have created for hundreds of clients. Through a collection of richly detailed essays, the monograph powerfully conveys the human touch that makes inspired design possible.” —Peter Lyden, President, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

O’Neil Ruppel is a specialty design house with a single focus:  bringing a uniquely luxurious experience into your home with custom tile and bath fittings. By focusing on form, we create beautiful, extraordinarily functional bathroom spaces that nourish the soul.
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